When should you call on an internationally-known trade show consultant and trainer?

When you want your exhibitors to be better educated (which increases exhibitor satisfaction and retention), or you want your show to have “buzz” in the community or industry. Marlys Arnold provides exhibitor training either in person or via teleseminars or webinars. (Podcast series also available.)


On-site Workshops:

10 Steps to a Better Trade Show Experience

Whether at a local conference or a major industry trade show, the days of simply filling a booth space are long gone. Just casually putting objects together to create a display doesn’t mean a successful exhibit. Learn simple steps you can take to significantly increase the return on your exhibiting investment and help guarantee success. Enhance your exhibit experience with tips from an expert exhibit trainer on how to:

  • Formulate measurable goals for the show
  • Create a buzz prior to the show
  • Design an exhibit that attracts attendees on the show floor
  • Educate staff on how to relate to various personalities and techniques to gather the most qualified leads
  • Unlock the potential in the leads gathered with a strategic plan for follow-up



Designed for Success

Too many exhibitors start by simply putting objects together to create a display, which doesn’t necessarily result in a successful exhibit. Instead, determine how all elements of your exhibit plan will tie together, then use design elements to accomplish your strategic goals.

Creative Promotions

Just because you built a great booth doesn’t mean the crowds will come. And don’t assume that it’s the show organizer’s job to bring in all the traffic. Promotions can take many forms and don’t have to cost a fortune – they just have to be effective at creating buzz!

People Power!

No matter how great your display, the real power comes from the people chosen to staff your booth. A poorly trained or unprepared booth staff can spoil an otherwise successful exhibit marketing plan and contradict the impression your company has worked hard to create.

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