Who is the Exhibit Marketers Café designed for?

For those who exhibit at:

  • Conferences
  • Local events or Chamber shows
  • Craft fairs or festivals
  • Bridal expos
  • Career fairs
  • Consumer shows
  • Industry trade shows

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s brand new to exhibiting or a corporate exhibit manager who’s in charge of multiple shows around the globe, the Exhibit Marketers Café has topics designed just for you. These strategies apply to both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) marketers of all sizes and in all types of industries, whether you’re selling products or services.


Which membership is right for me?

Are you a small business owner with limited experience in exhibit marketing, but want to exhibit at local events or conferences?

You’re juggling a million things and feel like you’re spread way too thin. You don’t know where to begin your exhibit marketing strategy or how to make it pay off … but you can’t afford to learn by trial and error. You want to look big and hold your own on the show floor among the “big guys.” You want the biggest bang for the buck so you can make a great impression and come home with lots of highly qualified leads. You need a streamlined solution with a mapped-out plan that includes checklists, templates and resources you can either follow or delegate to staff or a virtual assistant. You can’t afford to waste time or money on tools that don’t prove a good return on your investment.

Your solution is the Pro Membership.

Are you a corporate exhibit manager who’s in charge of your company’s exhibit program at a variety of shows across the U.S. and around the globe?

You’re simultaneously planning 3-5 shows (or more), in addition to all your other marketing activities, and are getting pressure from your boss and accounting department to make exhibit dollars count. You feel overwhelmed by all the details and are afraid you’re overlooking something that could improve your results. You want your company to make a good impression at shows and get great return on the investment. You want simple, step-by-step strategies that are easy to implement because time is at a premium for you. You’ve been doing this job for so long that you understand the basics, but may still want to bounce ideas around with an expert or your peers from time to time.

Your solution is the VIP Membership.


How is it different from all the other education out there?

There’s no shortage of information, both online and offline, about exhibit marketing. But much of it never goes beyond the surface, and nearly all of it stops short of giving you the actual tools you need to take action. Since we’re a Café, let’s compare it to a recipe: simply throwing a list of ingredients into a bowl doesn’t necessarily result in the dish you were hungry for – you need to take the right steps, at the right time, and use the right tools. So in the Exhibit Marketers Café Community, we provide you with training, support, and opportunities to connect with both experts and your peers.


How much time will I need to commit to this membership?

All of our member calls are recorded so you can listen to the recordings on your own time. (Keep in mind calls are most effective when you’re participating live.) You’ll also want to make time to implement the strategies you learn … but then isn’t that the whole point of why you want to learn new ideas in the first place?


What’s included in my membership?

Check out the Join the Community page.


What will I learn here?

Our content will vary widely, but always relates back to how you can improve your exhibit design, promotions, booth attraction, staff techniques, or lead management.


What will I gain from the private online group?

Unlike many online groups that revolve around chit-chat or blatant promotions, the Exhibit Marketers Café Community focuses on helping everyone take action on the strategies we cover. Continue the conversation from our events and other content, ask questions or share challenges you face while implementing new ideas, or share a great new resource you’ve discovered. In this Community, you’ll find accountability and support.


Can I promote my business to the Café members?

Since this group is designed for support, we ask that you leave your promotions at the door, unless we designate a specific day for sharing. If you want to promote to members of the Community, there are other options that we can discuss.