There’s no shortage of information, both online and offline, about exhibit marketing. But much of it never goes beyond the surface, and nearly all of it stops short of giving you the actual tools you need to take action. Since we’re a Café, let’s compare it to a recipe: simply throwing a list of ingredients into a bowl doesn’t necessarily result in the dish you were hungry for — you need to take the right steps, at the right time, and use the right tools. So in the Exhibit Marketers Café, we provide you with training, support, and opportunities to connect with both experts and your peers.

"The object of education isn't knowledge; it's action." ~ Thomas à Kempis

"This was great. I'm so excited ... It's nice to be able to just bounce ideas off and just hear some other perspectives. I think you get so wrapped up in 'this is what we do and this is how we always do it.' Even just the little things ... it just makes so much sense. I'm really excited to share some of this with the team."
"Participating in trade shows can often feel overwhelming, especially with the multitude of details to manage. However, your guidance allowed me to step back and approach our presence more strategically. Your webinars were particularly enlightening, providing invaluable insights ... your suggestions challenged some outdated notions I held, prompting me to rethink our approach. Additionally, the personalized coaching session proved immensely beneficial, offering tailored recommendations and a space to discuss challenges ... I cannot recommend you and your services enough!!!"
"Marlys was a delight to work with as part of the UNTETHERED events. She was a brilliant facilitator for our Circle workshops, bringing her deep expertise in the events industry along with her ability to collaborate and bring creative ideas out of others. She is also an accomplished and polished speaker, presenting content that dives deep into topics that matter most to meeting planners, including the best ways to drive sponsor and exhibitor value. I would highly recommend Marlys as a speaker, workshop facilitator, content producer or volunteer committee member."
"I had the pleasure of working with Marlys when I asked her to present a webinar to our association membership, after hearing her speak for another organization. Marlys is a veteran in the industry, a true professional, known for her creative ideas, support and training of exhibitors on how to be more successful. She gives great takeaways that can be used immediately in the real world and is able to not only help exhibitors, but organizers as well, so they too are able to help their exhibitors' ROI, creating more value, growth and a win-win situation for all."
"We are so happy Marlys Arnold is a member of our NTSA community. Her positive attitude, infectious smile, and mastery of the trade show industry is evident in all that she does. Her attention to detail enhances the customer experience ... with content that's thorough and engaging to insure that each attendee has an actionable item to use the very next day. And, her post show follow up is impeccable. Marlys is not only an subject matter expert from experience, she walks the talk."
"Marlys is cut from a fabric of the highest professional quality (which is sometimes hard to find!) … the team at called on her to present a live webinar for our audience. We will be reaching back out to her in the future because her presenting skills were superb and she made everything easy!"
"Marlys' experience in the tradeshow industry allows her to offer extensive education … her webinars were a big hit with the exhibitors at our conference. She's also a pleasure to work with."
"I was shocked to learn some of the statistics that Marlys spoke about … it has been a great resource to share with my company in regards to where we do trade shows & how we present our materials."

Kara Harrington

Director of Sales, Elms Hotel & Spa
"I’ve hired Marlys for Exhibitor Training many times – she is the utmost expert in the industry and my exhibitors always walk away with fabulous information on face-to-face marketing."

Audra Trudell

Show Organizer
"I would recommend Marlys to anyone seeking to catapult your trade show exhibit from ordinary to extraordinary. She should be the first person you contact … before you enter the trade show arena."

Janice Shokrian

Marketing Strategist
"Marlys Arnold will definitely make you rethink trade shows! We were excited to implement many ideas from her presentation on our booth at Process Expo & look forward to working with her again in the future."

Lisa Atcherley

Event Coordinator, Grasselli-SSI
"Marlys was great as a speaker … a true professional: finds innovative ways to engage the audience and talk about being a ‘topic expert’ … she most certainly is! Would I recommend Marlys: YES! and I do every chance I get."

Elizabeth 'Liz' Besser

Former Venue Manager
"I was able to apply 2 takeaways from the webinar to my original booth design just in time for [the show]. The [webinar] series were loaded with a lot of great to tips that I didn’t have time to apply to this show, but will definitely be ready for next year. What a great tool to have for exhibitors like myself.”

Jewelry Show Exhibitor

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