Was your last trade show exhibit as successful as you had hoped … or is there still room for improvement?

It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to your first trade show or your 51st – there are steps you might be missing that can make you more successful. These resources provide you with the tools you need to improve your exhibit marketing strategy.


Exhibit Design That Works

Exhibit Design That WorksStop wasting money on displays that aren’t effective, or worse yet, could damage your company brand. Inside this guide, you’ll discover how you can:

  • Avoid the most common – and not always obvious – mistakes in exhibit design
  • Craft a memorable and effective theme
  • Speak your audience’s language and give them what they want
  • Create a multisensory experience that exceeds expectations and connects with attendees on an emotional level
  • Get all design elements in place to make your booth a success

Exhibit Design That Works is for any exhibitor seeking better results from their trade show investment – whether you’re a rookie starting from the beginning or a long-time veteran wanting to up your game.

This is the first book in the YES: Your Exhibit Success series, which provides exhibitors with tools to create a client-attracting, buzzworthy booth without breaking the bank.

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Build a Better Trade Show Image

Whether you’re a first-time exhibitor or have been going to shows for years, this book is filled with tips and proven examples that can jump-start your next exhibiting experience.

You will discover how to:

  • Research shows and set realistic goals for exhibiting
  • Make your exhibit stand out with a unique theme or design
  • Train your staffers so they are able to gather the most qualified leads
  • Create a buzz about your company before the show starts
  • Unlock the potential in the leads you gather
  • Expand your possibilities by implementing non-traditional techniques
  • Use resources listed to help in all stages of your exhibiting plan

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ExhibitorEd Success System

What is it about certain exhibitors? (You know the ones … their booth is constantly busy, even when show floor traffic is light.) Want to know what these smart exhibitors know? ExhibitorEd is a compilation of tips and tools to make you more successful.

Imagine how you’ll feel when:

  • You set realistic goals for exhibiting … and achieve them!
  • Your pre-show marketing draws eager people to your booth
  • Your exhibit stands out from all the others at the show and creates a buzz
  • Your staff knows exactly how to behave in the booth and properly engage visitors
  • Your leads are followed up efficiently and successfully within days of the show

This series has been developed with all types of exhibitors in mind. Just think how much you’ll save by avoiding old-style mistakes! The ExhibitorEd Success System includes six audio CDs with accompanying workbooks, each designed to enhance the return on your exhibiting experience. These practical step-by-step tips and expert insights will provide real-world examples that you can replicate in your own programs. You’ll also be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can interact with trainer Marlys Arnold as well as other exhibitors. You’ll even find a Second Opinion Certificate tucked inside the workbook, which entitles you to a basic critique of either your booth design or promotions.

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