Virtual events are here to stay – even after in-person events return.

Virtual Event Success KitAre you nervous about taking your show virtual?

Let’s craft your event to be a great experience for your exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and attendees.

One thing hasn’t changed: Exhibitors and sponsors are still looking to connect with existing clients and generate a list of new prospects. Your virtual event can provide that for them – without the restrictions of space and time!

In a virtual environment, exhibitors can’t simply wait for attendees to wander by their booth – they must understand how to start a conversation in this new platform. By designing your event to include elements of engagement, you can help jump-start that conversation.

In the Virtual Event Success Kit, you have a set of tools to provide you with a blueprint to build your event – you’ll discover how to:

  • Connect with attendees pre-, during, and post-event (both you and your exhibitors/sponsors) to create a robust conversation
  • Provide essential behind-the-scenes support to guide attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers through the experience
  • Educate exhibitors & sponsors on how to engage and interact with a virtual audience
  • Implement creative ideas to get attendees excited and involved

Over the past two decades, I’ve helped thousands of trade show exhibitors gather more qualified leads, outshine their competition, and maximize their exhibiting investment. For nearly half that time, I’ve said that both trade show organizers and exhibitors needed to do more to expand the reach of their events beyond just the 3-4 days on the actual show floor. It only took a global pandemic to wake the entire industry up to the potential of virtual exhibiting!

So while you may not be familiar with how a virtual trade show works, I am. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly … and I want to teach you how to be one of the best!

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Need more in-depth strategic planning or assistance in preparing for your virtual trade show?
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  • Exhibitor and sponsor education
  • Attendee communication and promotions
  • Speaker management and education

Here’s a quick video overview of the Virtual Event Strategic Planner part of the Kit.


Virtually There: Post-Con Perspectives for Remarkable Events

Virtually There - Post-Con Perspectives for Remarkable EventsDuring 2020 and 2021, I attended more online conferences, expos and events than I could count – literally! I lost track somewhere along the line, but am guessing it’s considerably more than 100.

So why am I telling you this?

Because I’ve compiled several spiral notebooks full of details about how they structured their events, marketed and engaged with attendees, and promoted their exhibitors and sponsors. Now I’m curating all those discoveries and insights into a private membership where you can learn from them too. (I guess you could say I attended dozens of events so you don’t have to!)

This is an exclusive section within our Exhibit Marketers Café Community. And right now when you purchase the Virtual Event Success Kit, you get Virtually There included!


Virtual Exhibitor Education

Virtual exhibit boothLearn how to succeed in the new world of virtual trade shows and get amazing results – without being a tech expert of having a bottomless budget!

Exhibitors will learn how to:

  • Design an engaging virtual booth
  • Promote and encourage appointments
  • Staff the booth strategically
  • Follow up appropriately

Need more in-depth strategic planning or assistance for your virtual exhibits? Contact me using the form below.

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