We're Open signMissing those lunchtime or water cooler conversations?

While real-world restaurants may have changed, the Exhibit Marketers Café is open! So I want to give my friends in the trade show and events world a place to come together so we can find ways to thrive during this change.

For many, it means working at home for the first time. That may feel very foreign and challenging to some. I’ve had a home-based business for most of my adult life, so I’m happy to share my experiences and lessons learned. (In fact, I created a podcast episode all about that very topic!)

So to provide that sense of community, I’ve decided to hold a Virtual Lunch right here in the Café, every Tuesday at Noon CT (for now). We’re going to have fun and share tips and resources with each other, as well as providing some encouragement and accountability.

It won’t be all business though – just like in your office breakroom, we may share recommended books to read, movies to watch, recipes to try (we are a Café after all!), resources to keep the kids entertained, and more.

There’s no charge to join our Virtual Lunch, and you don’t need any special software. You’ll find a button to access the livestream below on this page, so be sure to bookmark this page and put a reminder in your calendar. And if you can’t join us live, the archives will be available to you as well.

Here’s how it will work:

  • I’ll be streaming live to the ImageSpecialist page on Facebook. You don’t have to be logged into FB to view, but you will if you would like to comment. You’ll be able to watch from pretty much any device.
  • We’re also live on YouTube, so you can join there if you’re not a FB user. You’ll find both links below.
  • Keep in mind that we’re learning as we go. There may be tech glitches, but we’ll ride them out. And if we decide to switch platforms for future Lunches (like when LinkedIn finally cooperates), I’ll keep you posted about that right here on this page.

Now for a few group guidelines:

  • Be respectful of others and willing to participate in the conversation, sharing tips and resources.
  • This isn’t a “misery loves company” session! While sharing challenges is okay, we want to focus on the tools and resources that offer solutions, whether that be improving productivity, developing a work-at-home routine, avoiding distractions, navigating virtual meetings, or something else.
  • No trolls or pushy sales pitches. Anyone who abuses the group can be banned from future Virtual Lunches.

So on Tuesday at Noon CT, grab your favorite beverage and/or lunch and join us in the Exhibit Marketers Café!


Missed a Virtual Lunch?
Here’s where you can watch the replays.