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Exhibit Design That WorksStop wasting money on displays that aren’t effective, or worse yet, could damage your company brand. Inside this guide, you’ll discover how you can:

  • Avoid the most common – and not always obvious – mistakes in exhibit design
  • Craft a memorable and effective theme
  • Speak your audience’s language and give them what they want
  • Create a multisensory experience that exceeds expectations and connects with attendees on an emotional level
  • Get all design elements in place to make your booth a success

Exhibit Design That Works is for any exhibitor seeking better results from their trade show investment – whether you’re a rookie starting from the beginning or a long-time veteran wanting to up your game.

This is the first book in the YES: Your Exhibit Success series, which provides exhibitors with tools to create a client-attracting, buzzworthy booth without breaking the bank.

And because ideas aren’t nearly as valuable until you take action … there’s also a free companion site online featuring more in-depth bonus resources including downloadable checklists, bonus audio interviews, photos or links to the case studies, and more. ($97 value!)

What people are saying:

“This is the perfect handbook for exhibit theme and design. I wish I had access to it when I was a first-time exhibitor.” ~ Matt Wish, Duo Displays

“Since [trade shows] are expensive – it is beneficial to take the time BEFORE the show to get all your ducks in a row and be as effective as you can be with a plan of action and the research behind your actions – starting with this book.” ~ Karin Roberts, The Tradeshow Marketing Group

“As an exhibit designer for over a decade, I have learned that there’s a distinct difference between exhibitors who understand trade show marketing and those who don’t, particularly when it’s time to get your hands dirty with the exhibit design process. In the pages ahead you will find an Exhibit Design 101 course that’s perfect for exhibitors looking to improve the effectiveness of their trade show properties.” ~ from the foreword by Katina Rigall Zipay from Classic Exhibits


Contents at a Glance


Part 1: Develop a Memorable Theme
1: Keys to a Winning Theme
2: Theme Ideas to Build On
3: Small but Mighty
Theme Development: What’s Next?

Part 2: Consider the Attendees’ Perspective
4: They’re Just Not That Into You
5: Speaking the Attendees’ Language
6: Give Attendees What They Want
7: Branding Your Exhibit
Attendee Perspective: What’s Next?

Part 3: Look for Design Inspiration
8: 7 Sources of Design Inspiration
9: Trade Show Booth = Retail Store
Design Inspiration: What’s Next?

Part 4: Create a Multisensory Experience
10: Creating an Experience
11: What a Theme Park Can Teach Exhibitors
12: Multisensory Marketing
13: Scent of a Trade Show
Multisensory Experience: What’s Next?

Part 5: Design with the End in Mind
14: Exhibit Display Types Defined
15: View from the Aisle
16: Don’t Make Me Squint!
17: The Elements of Design
18: The Power of Color
Design with the End in Mind: What’s Next?

Part 6: The Life Cycle of Exhibits
19: Exhibit Design Economics
20: Care & Maintenance of Exhibits
21: 6 Ways to Reinvent Your Exhibit (without spending a fortune)
22: Should You Rent Your Next Exhibit?
23: How Green is Your Exhibit?
The Life Cycle of Exhibits: What’s Next?

Conclusion: Put Your Best Booth Forward

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