Let’s get real: You’re not looking for one more thing to do – You want results that grow your show!

There’s no shortage of information out there for show organizers, but much of it never goes beyond the surface, and nearly all of it stops short of giving you the actual tools you need to take action. Let’s compare it to a recipe: simply throwing a list of ingredients into a bowl doesn’t necessarily result in the dish you were hungry for – you need to take the right steps, at the right time, and use the right tools. So in the Exhibit Marketers Café, we provide you with training, support, and opportunities to connect with both experts and your peers.

barista_150Membership in the Café is the right fit if you:

  • Are tired of going it alone, feeling isolated & frustrated trying to improve and grow your show
  • Wish there was a place to go to be encouraged & explore new ideas
  • Would love access to a respected industry consultant who offers you a fresh perspective
  • Want a community to turn to when you’re ready to test out a new idea
  • Want someone to point out your blind spots so you can get out of the rut
  • Want to build connections within the trade show industry & discover new resources

chair_150As a member, you’ll receive:

  • A seat at our themed “Chef’s Table” live call each month – Ask questions and explore various topics (recordings will be available); also features a member spotlight makeover (chosen by application)
  • 24/7 access to a group forum online – Share questions & successes, encourage & help others; be as plugged in as you like or simply when the topic is relevant
  • Opportunity to invite your exhibitors to attend a basic webinar to be better prepared for your show (custom training also available)
  • Generous discount on other training & consulting opportunities (including custom)
  • Extra bonuses created just for members!

espresso-machineWhat you can accomplish as a member:

  • Discover and develop ideas to connect with exhibitors & attendees to grow your show
  • Uncover possibilities for alliances with vendors or other shows
  • Focus on rebranding your show or building your online visibility
  • Set up systems for growth and exhibitor retention
  • Develop a marketing strategy that aligns with goals and attracts your target audience
  • Sift through ideas, trends, and innovations to find the ones that make the most sense for your show and produce the desired results
  • Achieve recognition and become a model for other shows to follow

This membership is not for:

  • Comprehensive strategic planning (private consulting is available for that)
  • Detailed how-to steps (“Chef’s Table” calls are not in-depth training)
  • Wallflowers who don’t choose to actively participate and implement new ideas

cupSo let’s do the math:

  • For less than the cost of three hours of one-on-one consulting time (or a couple of lattes per week), you get an entire year’s worth of access to not only an industry expert, but also a network of other industry professionals (plus your exhibitors will have access to a training session)
  • Only $497 for the year ($1800+ value)

Watch for updated membership info coming soon!