A growing trend in display design is the use of fabric structures. Cindy Thompson is a sculptor turned display designer who uses fabric fashioned into “playful shapes” to convert a booth into an environment. When combined with theatrical lighting, the designs can be used to create a mood, or a variety of moods, simply by changing the color of the lights. In addition to being warm and inviting, fabric can also create a coziness by separating a large booth into private spaces.
(Photos taken by Kathy Chapman at The Special Event 2001, courtesy of Transformit)


Superior Communications


In order to create a relaxed atmosphere in the middle of a very high-tech cellular industry show, Superior Communications came up with the concept, “When you work with us, it’s like R&R.” They decided to use two pop-up campers for conference rooms. From there, they built the theme, “Camp Superior,” creating redwood trees, a rock fountain (named “Lake Superior”), rustic trail signs, and even an artificial campfire. They continued setting the mood with sounds of crickets and frogs, and the occasional coyote howl. Products were displayed on a clothesline hung between the trees, along with custom-designed Superior boxer shorts.

(Photos courtesy of Superior Communications)


(All of the above are excerpts from Build a Better Trade Show Image, © 2002 by Marlys K. Arnold. All rights reserved.)