3GtopWhen Ericsson wanted to demonstrate the array of products they offer regarding Mobile Internet and Next Generation Networks, they decided to take it to their customers’ backyard. The double-wide expandable trailer pulled into more than 30 cities its first year. In addition to tours of the exhibit, Ericsson also serves lunch and sometimes, at the close of the final day, holds a hospitality event with live entertainment (the unique trailer has a hospitality area on the roof).


(Photos courtesy of Ericsson)


Creative Road Shows

kissA road show doesn’t have to take place in a 50-foot trailer! Hershey’s designed the Kissmobile for the 90th birthday of their famous Kisses in 1997. One of the three giant fiberglass candies serves as the cab, while the other two store equipment and a supply of thousands of Hershey’s Kisses. Each of the three Kissmobiles travels approximately 50,000 miles per year, going to over 170 children’s hospitals. One of the two drivers dresses up in the Hershey’s Kiss costume to entertain the kids.

(Photos by Marlys K. Arnold)

(All of the above are excerpts from Build a Better Trade Show Image, © 2002 by Marlys K. Arnold. All rights reserved.)

fish fish2

Pepperidge Farm also uses a unique vehicle for their mobile exhibit to promote Goldfish crackers and Milano cookies. Who can miss this bright replica of the famous snacks?