Was your last trade show exhibit as successful as you had hoped?
Or is there still room for improvement?

Whether you’re a first-time exhibitor or have been going to shows for years, this book is filled with tips and proven examples that can jump-start your next exhibiting experience.

Build a Better Trade Show Image front cover

You will discover how to:

  • Research shows and set realistic goals for exhibiting
  • Make your exhibit stand out with a unique theme or design
  • Train your staffers so they are able to gather the most qualified leads
  • Create a buzz about your company before the show starts
  • Unlock the potential in the leads you gather
  • Expand your possibilities by implementing non-traditional techniques
  • Use resources listed to help in all stages of your exhibiting plan

Makes a great resource for anyone who participates in:

  • Craft shows
  • Bridal fairs
  • Recruiting/Career fairs
  • Campus recruiting events
  • Consumer shows
  • As well as actual Trade shows!

Coming in 2022: New updated edition!

Contents at a Glance

Introduction to the Building Process

Section 1: Breaking Ground Before You Begin to Build (Planning)
1 … Survey the Land: Setting Goals
2 … Select a Site: Researching Shows
3 … Draw a Blueprint: Checklists & Budgeting

Section 2: Starting to Build (Design)
4 … The Importance of a Good Foundation: Defining Message/Theme
5 … Creating the Framework: Booth Design & Image

Section 3: Finishing the Interior (Content)
6 … Generate Energy: People Power
7 … Finishing Touches: Engaging, Qualifiying & Disengaging

Section 4: Landscaping (Promotions)
8 … Creating Curb Appeal: Pre-show Promotions
9 … Impressing the Neighbors: Booth Attractions
10 … Becoming the Talk of the Town: Media Relations

Section 5: Putting the Roof On (Follow-up)
11 … Weatherproofing: Lead Management & Follow-up
12 … Seeing Return on Your Investment: ROI

Section 6: Adding On (Special Situations)
13 … More than Selling Real Estate: Show Managers
14 … Housewarmings: Special Events
15 … Alternative Housing: Private Shows & Road Shows
16 … Rewarding the Crew: Booth Staff Incentives

Conclusion: Remodels, Renovations & Repairs
(Revising for Future Shows)

Appendix A: Resources
Appendix B: Recommended Reading