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AAP Exhibitor Insights Interviews (2016)

TiffanyKaczorowskiTiffany Kaczorowski from Children’s Hospital of Alabama

Tiffany shares tips on how to:

  • Use sponsorships to your advantage
  • Highlight what you have to offer & increase awareness (even if you’re not selling a product)
  • Have experts (in their case, physicians) in the booth



Laura Taylor from Nestlé Nutrition

Laura offers great ideas for:

  • Creating experiential engagement in the booth
  • Developing a well-trained booth staff
  • Gathering and managing leads from badge scan through follow-up



Annette McClure from Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Annette shares tips on how to:

  • Satisfy attendee needs in the moment, causing them to pause
  • Streamline your display to attract more attention
  • Focus on the emotional side of what booth staff should be doing
  • Go above and beyond to personalize the follow-up